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We do it all - from brand new computers to refurbished machines, parts and everything inbetween! No matter the kind of machine you're in the market for, we have the perfect desktop or laptop to fit your needs. Come in today and chat to one of our representatives about what you're looking for and we'll get you fixed right up!

Pre-Built Gaming Systems

We build custom PCs for gaming needs, each computer is specific and unique to our gaming customers. You won't have the same look as all of the big box companies. You will have your own computer to fit your wants and needs. You will have a one of a kind computer, one you can select any part that you want to go into. Custom built computers are easy for us to update and the upgrades are endless. You will not need to buy a new tower.

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Other Products

INSURANCE ESTIMATES - Accidents happen. We can assist you with getting the right dollar amount for your computer if you have an accident, such as fire or water damage. Don't just settle for what your insurance company offers you.