Rocky Mountain PC Services


Computer Tune Ups

Computer running a little slow? - Get a full tune up and cleaning for only $85, including:

  • Hands on valuation 
  • Hard Drive optimization
  • Viruses and malware check
  • Removal of any unwanted files and incomplete downloads
  • Blow out of all the Colorado dust and dirt that gets into your computer
  • Afterwards, your computer will run faster than ever before!

Data Recovery

Is your computer not turning on or does it startup slowly, do you need to save your valuable files?

  • Diagnostic Analysis fee - $35 
  • Standard Recovery - $155
  • Difficult Recovery - starting at $250 
  • Recovery comes with external hard drive or USB flash drive

Virus Removal

If you've clicked on a suspicious link or downloaded a mysterious file, you might have a virus.

  • We provide a comprehensive cleaning for $125
  • 100% hands on diagnostics
  • We will troubleshoot the affected area
  • Remove the virus and any hacking programs on your computer
  • Scan the computer for other viruses and malware
  • Remove any unwanted files that will harm your computer

Computer / Laptop Repair

Laptops, Desktops or Gaming PCs - we can repair them all. Bring yours in to our office for a free estimate, then we can agree on a price. Turn-around generally takes 48 to 72. We will have your computer equipment fixed and working like brand-new! 

Rocky Mountain PC has the expertise in Colorado computer repair. Our technicians will troubleshoot your computer hardware and software  and correct problem at the source. We analyze computer problems to determine what equipment will provide the best solutions to fix your computer issues.

Computer Recycling

Rocky Mountain PC recycles old computers and donates them to people in need.  We believe that everyone should have access to the internet. Recycling your old computer is one way to ensure it goes to good use. If you're computer is too old Rocky Mountain PC will take to a recycling plant to ensure it doesn't go into land fill and become hazardous waste.