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DC Jack Short

By Bryan Mehrer - January 25, 2017

The store has seen this a number of times with ASUS DC Jacks, These laptop are great gaming system when working. This laptop i7 2 Gen with 8Gb RAM 2each WD 320 Black 7200RAM drivers, 1080p screen NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560M. Customer comes in complaint about the laptop not working and not charging the battery. Open it up the laptop and the DC jack is shorting out. After cleaning the black chard off the motherboard clearly the copper on the motherboard been damaged. The palm rest and the bottom of the keyboard have been damage. The short had to be glowing red hot to melt the copper on the motherboard. On this laptop recommending replacing a motherboard, The price on this repair would be between $350 to $400 because of the age of the laptop.  Luckily the customer live another day and play another game.